Texas Hold'em Tours:

Our tour package reservations are under your service and being offered in the direction of TR - TRNC - TR. Prices including flight tickets, airport transfer and accomodation (apart from special occasions) starting from 750 Turkish Liras. The hotel we provide your accomodation is GRAND CENTER BOURIQUE HOTEL and is located in Kyrenia city center, 3 minutes away from our casino. You may visit the website for visuals.

P.S: All reservations are expected to be made at least a week before your visit. Otherwise prices may vary in accordance with flight expenses..

Casino Tours:

- If you prefer playing not only Texas Hold'em Poker but other casino games as well, then please contact us. We will cover your:

-Roundtrip flight tickets,
-Airport transfer,
-Food and beverage service.

The only we expect from you is to play games at required stakes.

For more information and reservation, please contact us by our mobile number.